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Hi, It’s Olga and here is a little sneak peek of our dining area, my husband and l would like to renovate. You know, designing a home/room/space is not so easy, as sometimes it seems at first glance. And designing a home/room/space with your partner is even harder. My husband is not a type of person who doesn’t want to be involved in the process. No no no. And I’m happy about it, but the problem is that I can image in my mind the final picture (more or less) of what it’s gonna look like. And he can’t.

So, this time, instead of being bossy and saying ” We will buy this chair, this table and this pendant, because I know they will look great together and that’s it!”, I decided to treat him like a real client and prepare for him a presentation with the several options, drawings and visualisations so he can participate in the design process and share his opinion before I  make a final decision.

But today’s topic of conversation isn’t about it, so we will cover it with all details  in the upcoming posts.

Being an interior designer, I’m constantly seeking inspiration and curious to discover new artists, photographers and designers. This time, while I was looking for some interesting art/print for our dining area, my attention stopped on work of talented Turkish illustrator Mert Tugen.

His illustrations are interesting, beautifully abstract, bright with a lovely color picks and provoke emotions.

Here is a selection of his works that we love the most:

You can find more of his work on Behance.


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