• Soap bubbles floating in the air… Doesn’t it evoke happy childhood memories? Today we’re inspired by the beauty and elegance of the handcrafted lights by Israeli designer Ohad Benit. The Stress collection – named to reflect the tension between the two materials: glass and brass. “One is tough and elastic,…

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    July 25, 2017

    Hi everyone! Olga and Korana are here. You may know we live in Istanbul and we should call ourself lucky to be a part of this spectacular city. Well, we have our ups and downs but we might say there is a special bond between us and the city. There…

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  • Richard Neutra’s VDL Research House was designed as his own experimental live-work residence and built for $8,000 (including the site!) in 1932; it burned down in 1963 and two years later Neutra and his son, Dion, rebuilt the house on the original fundation with many innovations.     RICHARD NEUTRA: VDL HOUSE was last…

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